Diversity in Culture – NF check

“Any emotional experiences are most fragile and might be removed or damaged by an upgrade.” J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night   Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) diversity factors as of March 20th 2017 are,   RANK DATE $0.07 2017-03-20 sensitivity $0.05 2017-03-20 appearance $0.03 2017-03-20 religion $0.01 2017-03-20 gender $0.01 2017-03-20 genetics $0.01 2017-03-20 race $0.01 2017-03-20 ethnicity… Continue reading Diversity in Culture – NF check

How is your Math? NF check

“These messages were intercepted by the Polish Three, the three genius mathematicians, and had been sent to England.” – Blue Earth, J. M. K. Walkow   Here are the Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) math boosting factors:   RANK DATE $0.05 2017-02-07 intuition $0.03 2017-02-07 strategy $0.03 2017-02-07 imagination $0.02 2017-02-07 visual memory $0.02 2017-02-07 verbal memory… Continue reading How is your Math? NF check

Raqqa Offensive February 2017 – NF ground troops engagement check

“There is a training programme with the coalition forces. We will be ready to enter this battle in force and we are in the process of preparing for it to liberate our lands.”   — Ahmad al-Jarba, a Syrian opposition leader The Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) methods were used to rank the ground troops engagement as… Continue reading Raqqa Offensive February 2017 – NF ground troops engagement check