Perception Quality in Artificial Intelligence – NF check

“Even when he slept, the flexible chair, equipped with sensors, held and messaged his body according to procedures dominant in school and home.” J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night The Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranking of Artificial Intelligence (AI) perception elements is, RANK DATE $0.07 2017-04-10 central sensor and data store (brain) $0.05 2017-04-10 local sensors and data… Continue reading Perception Quality in Artificial Intelligence – NF check

The choir loft

There were narrow stairs, going up to the choir loft, on which single line of folk came to practice every evening Wednesday. Not that they were great musicians, but the fact that they climbed, some were aged, sang and met in the loft, sat down, stood up, and talked, some too much, made the loft… Continue reading The choir loft

Diversity in Culture – NF check

“Any emotional experiences are most fragile and might be removed or damaged by an upgrade.” J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night   Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) diversity factors as of March 20th 2017 are,   RANK DATE $0.07 2017-03-20 sensitivity $0.05 2017-03-20 appearance $0.03 2017-03-20 religion $0.01 2017-03-20 gender $0.01 2017-03-20 genetics $0.01 2017-03-20 race $0.01 2017-03-20 ethnicity… Continue reading Diversity in Culture – NF check