Artificial intelligence color rules – NF literary quotes


“Meantime, Bruce studied large amounts of data that highlighted several cases of a little known virus. He had a persistent thought that Blazing Night had something to do with this.”

Blazing Night, J. M. K. Walkow


Enjoy selected artificial intelligence (AI) rules and quotes from the naturalistic fantasy classic the Blazing Night novel by J. M. K. Walkow:

BLACK EXPENSIVE SOPHISTICATION: The Black Rule is primarily responsible for creating clones.

PURPLE POWERFUL AUTHORITY: Eventually they solved a problem by inventing the Purple Rule which when connected produced antibodies capable of an instant cure.

YELLOW LOVELY COMPETENCE: Technicians applied the Yellow Rule three times: firstly, to fix old parts and to assemble it, secondly, to create new monitors and sensors, and thirdly, to tune the fixed old unit with the brand-new parts.

BEIGE FEMININE SINCERITY: An example of Beige Rule use is the selection of the winning weapon in a duel.

GREEN TASTEFUL ENVY: …the Green Rule helps to construct a poison gas to deploy swiftly.

RED POWERFUL EXCITEMENT: “I’m running the Red Rule now,” Joe reported. Immediately the yellow and red fire jumped out of Yellow Car.

GOLDEN WEALTH: They connected the Golden Rule to a near mountain. Hundreds of trees were chopped down and a big hole was dug out in the middle. Gold was quickly collected, melted and placed in the trunk.

BROWN RUGGEDNESS: “Prepare an emergency cleanup and a rescue operation,” shouted Adelaide. “Joe, run the Brown Rule,” commanded Bruce.

Blue Earth Road


Color psychology, Wikipedia as of February 27, 2018

Blazing Night



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