Artificial intelligence color rules – NF literary quotes


“Meantime, Bruce studied large amounts of data that highlighted several cases of a little known virus. He had a persistent thought that Blazing Night had something to do with this.”

– Blazing Night, J. M. K. Walkow


Enjoy selected artificial intelligence (AI) rules and quotes from the naturalistic fantasy classic the Blazing Night novel by J. M. K. Walkow:

BLACK EXPENSIVE SOPHISTICATION: The Black Rule is primarily responsible for creating clones.

PURPLE POWERFUL AUTHORITY: Eventually they solved a problem by inventing the Purple Rule which when connected produced antibodies capable of an instant cure.

YELLOW LOVELY COMPETENCE: Technicians applied the Yellow Rule three times: firstly, to fix old parts and to assemble it, secondly, to create new monitors and sensors, and thirdly, to tune the fixed old unit with the brand-new parts.

BEIGE FEMININE SINCERITY: An example of Beige Rule use is the selection of the winning weapon in a duel.

GREEN TASTEFUL ENVY: …the Green Rule helps to construct a poison gas to deploy swiftly.

RED POWERFUL EXCITEMENT: “I’m running the Red Rule now,” Joe reported. Immediately the yellow and red fire jumped out of Yellow Car.

GOLDEN WEALTH: They connected the Golden Rule to a near mountain. Hundreds of trees were chopped down and a big hole was dug out in the middle. Gold was quickly collected, melted and placed in the trunk.

BROWN RUGGEDNESS: “Prepare an emergency cleanup and a rescue operation,” shouted Adelaide. “Joe, run the Brown Rule,” commanded Bruce.

Blue Earth Road


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Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408



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