Jankiel’s concert – NF translation

No cymbalist dares to play the dulcimer
When Jankiel is present there.
(Who knows where he spent the winter,
Now he comes with the generals again.)


All say that on this instrument is none
To match his talent, skill or tone.
They beg him, but the Jew says no way,
The hands are stiff, old and fray.
How can I face such gentlemen?
He bows, but Zosia runs up then,
With the hammers she brings with her,
Caressing the master’s grey beard’s hair,
Jankiel, it’s my engagement, please play,
You promise that you will on my wedding day.


Translated from Polish by J.M.K. Walkow February 2018
Original work by Adam Mickiewicz 1834
Pan Tadeusz – Book XII Let’s love each other!
(starting verse 642):Jankiel’s concert



Pan Tadeusz, Adam Mickiewicz Wikipedia as of February 2, 2018

Blazing Night


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