Opportunity how big it is


“Hours later the four slept soundly, then woke up rested, and began to dig data.”

– Blazing Night


When I watch tv and think, knowledge flows to my mind unstopped. What does my brain delete before the new data comes in? Is it my childhood memories? Is it a picture I have just seen a few minutes ago?

Then I read news and articles. One of it says about how to write. This is why I type now.

Sanity is my ability to selectively remember true facts and forget the false. At the same time my fantasies pop. How to compare what is presently perceived to what was in the past or to what would come? (Should I use the boom operation to better describe the cliff?) The amount of memories I recall and the amount of possibilities I think, and the data I perceive now? (Like in physics, a little portion of the perception in the very short period of time, let it be three seconds today.)

Eyes see the number of images with the resolution. Ears hear the number of sounds. Skin and the rest of the senses perceive the number of experiences. The total is collected within three seconds. This is named the Now.

The past knowledge, stored in my body, is synthesis of the number of the Nows over period of my life in addition to the Nows of my ancestors. This is named the History.

I think of my future opportunities. This is called the Opportunity. How many?

Now~History = Opportunity

Well, this is a huge number. It takes life time to think about it.

~ is the boom operation, one dimension higher than exponent.



Blazing Night



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