NFN Black Friday 2017

“Hours later the four slept soundly, then woke up rested, and began to dig data. It was Friday. Life was as usual; plenty of appealing facts waited to be gathered and analyzed.”

“The Black Rule is primarily responsible for creating clones. The newer the version of the rule that is applied the more options and features clones get,” explained Bruce. “After the creation process is complete, clones continue to learn and the original is the prime source of corrections. Regular laboratory upgrades fix only critical problems in order to avoid deletion of experiences,” continued Bruce. “Any emotional experiences are most fragile and might be removed or damaged by an upgrade. Of course once a clone is declared dead, a new clone could be created again using the newest version of the Black Rule, but only those experiences which were saved could be restored. Clone’s experiences are held in various forms, including diaries and any available logs,” concluded Bruce.




NFN Naturalistic Fantasy News

St. Andrew Dung-Lac

Blazing Night


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