Spirituality – NF check


“Bruce worked hard in order to better prepare himself for future challenges. He believed in unrelenting work, but often lost a sense of purpose, yet he kept studying, perhaps hoping to come back to a lost train of thoughts later. Today he learned that viruses acted viciously with no respect for persons either secular or religious.”
J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night


The Naturalistic Fanatasy (NF) spirituality ranks are,


$0.20 2017-10-21 not religious

$0.12 2017-10-21 Christianity

$0.10 2017-10-21 convinced atheists

$0.09 2017-10-21 Islam

$0.06 2015-12-07 Hinduism

$0.03 2015-12-07 Buddhism

$0.02 2015-12-07 Folk religion



Wikipedia as of October 21, 2017: Religion, Spirituality

Blazing Night


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