Success factor in decision making

“It was known that the senior, most successful players might join the most revered profession of panhandling, but who else could get that desired job was a mystery of unprecedented complexity.”

– Blazing Night

Portal Cove June 1st

The Naturalistic Fantasy decision making factors are,

$0.07 2017-07-31 success
$0.04 2017-07-31 health
$0.04 2017-07-31 age
$0.03 2017-07-31 education
$0.03 2017-07-31 experience
$0.01 2017-07-31 race
$0.01 2017-07-31 sex
$0.01 2017-07-31 religion
$0.01 2017-07-31 wealth


What is more important success or failure experience?



Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408


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