United Individuals of Blue Earth and Near Planets

“Signed and sealed by the President of the Government of the United Individuals of Blue Earth and Near Planets, the Honorable Frederick Black, Junior.”

– Blazing Night

Blue Earth and Blazing Elf

This is the workforce of the 25th century,

$0.07 2017-07-26 Boomies are players, mostly humans living on Blue Earth
$0.05 2017-07-26 Jupies are evil lords on Jupiter, ruling the spirits
$0.04 2017-07-26 Blazie is a female and a most powerful eternal being
$0.03 2017-07-26 Saturnians are clones, often retired or orphaned on Saturn
$0.03 2017-07-26 cars and busses are intelligent vehicles, moving in space
$0.02 2017-07-26 Martians are robots on Mars
$0.01 2017-07-26 monsters, dragons and winged vipers live in games

Is this how the baby boomer generation envision the future?

Blue Earth Trail


Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408


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