Deep learning and sandwich – NF check

“One that comes to mind is a method called the Sandwich,” explained Florien Beige.
“Continue!” said Bruce.
“Blazing Night often maps elements as nodes, and their operations as the labeled arcs of a large graph.”
“Go on!”
“She creates views of the graphs and one of such is called the Sandwich.”
“All nodes that have only outgoing arcs are at the top of the view, all nodes that have only incoming arcs are at the bottom, any other nodes are placed in the middle.”

– Blazing Night, J. M. K. Walkow

The Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranks of the Sandwich graph in deep learning are,

$0.07 2017-05-11 top, higer layer interface
$0.05 2017-05-11 bottom, lower layer interface
$0.03 2017-05-11 medium, function of the layer


Are three layers optimal for the image recognition?

Should image and speech be processed by the Sandwiches concurrently?

Should location, sound, color, action etc, be reflected in the three dimentional sub-realty?


Deep learning, Application programming interface from Wikipedia as of May 5, 2017

Blazing Scribles

Naturalistic Fantasy

Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408

Blue Earth – The Body, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656446


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