Boom operation and its dimension 5 – NF check

“Blazing Night had already discovered that the deal was about the Pure Abstract Formula, which the mathematicians had in their control, yet the Germans claimed it and had tried to trade in with the America. Blazing Night decided to travel to Europe to collect the information that was not on the net, some of it was hidden in old archives and cemeteries.”

– Blue Earth: The Body



The Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranks of operation dimensions are,

$0.07 2017-05-02 static or 1st dimension: constant 3
$0.06 2017-05-02 linear or 2nd dimension: addition 3+3=6, substruction
$0.04 2017-05-02 polynomial or 3rd dimension: multiplication 3*3=3+3+3=9 , division, rate, fractions, percentage
$0.02 2017-05-02 exponential or 4th dimension: exponent 3^3=3*3*3=27, logarithm
$0.01 2017-05-02 boomy or 5th dimension: boom 3~3=3^3^3=19683


Addition and multiplication are flip-able: 1+2=2+1 and 2*3=3*2

Addition and substruction are swap-able: (1+2)-3=1+(2-3)

Multiplication and division are swap-able: (2*3)/4=2*(3/4)

There are infinite number of operations.

Math is fun, isn’t it?

Blue Earth Old Trees


Blue Earth – The Body, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656446

Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408

Blazing Scribles

Naturalistic Fantasy


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