The choir loft


There were narrow stairs, going up to the choir loft, on which single line of folk came to practice every evening Wednesday. Not that they were great musicians, but the fact that they climbed, some were aged, sang and met in the loft, sat down, stood up, and talked, some too much, made the loft important, otherwise it would stay empty and unvisited except when a bell ringer or cleaning lady came.

There the bass baritone and his apprentice occupied the last bench, the highest one, just beside the round stained glass window. The sopranos stayed closer to the director and organist. One or two altos neighbored sopranos on the right so the back benches were empty, leaving more room to the two bases, who were singing from the left top corner of the choir loft. The air carried their voices down to the balcony, the pews below toward the altar on which a native sculptor engraved the black and red head of Christ.

For Vern by J.M.K. Walkow, February 2016




Richmond City or Village? ISBN:9780986656453



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