How is your Math? NF check

“These messages were intercepted by the Polish Three, the three genius mathematicians, and had been sent to England.”

– Blue Earth, J. M. K. Walkow


Here are the Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) math boosting factors:

$0.05 2017-02-07 intuition
$0.03 2017-02-07 strategy
$0.03 2017-02-07 imagination
$0.02 2017-02-07 visual memory
$0.02 2017-02-07 verbal memory
$0.02 2017-02-07 mental fitness
$0.02 2017-02-07 physical fitness
$0.01 2017-02-07 genetic origin

Can airborne allergy force student to think faster?

How teachers can play the boosting factors in a virtual classroom?

Is there an optimal learning technique for every student? A balanced path?


Blue Earth – The Body, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656446


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