Industrial Unemployment – NF check

“He could not stop thinking of how many years the young would yet have to study to get a permanent job and then share their pay with him. The first fruit of their toil belonged to him, he thought.”

J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night


Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranks for industrial unemployment solutions are,

$0.03 2017-01-09 $120 monthly 2nd child benefit: 500+ Family Program Poland 2016
$0.03 2017-01-09 $600 unemployment benefit for 2 years: Basic Income Finland 2016
$0.02 2017-01-09 Welfare payments: Cura Annonae Roman Empire
$0.02 2017-01-09 Universal basic income: Musk US 2016
$0.01 2017-01-09 Banning innovation
$0.01 2017-01-09 Education: low income grants in Ontario Canada 2017
$0.01 2017-01-09 Shorter working hours: 30 hours in Paris
$0.01 2017-01-09 Broadening the ownership of technological assets
$0.01 2017-01-09 Structural changes towards a post-scarcity economy: Blazing Night
$0.01 2017-01-09 Retirement age: 60 years old in Japan


Do you love your job?


Technological unemployment, Wikipedia as of January 9, 2017
Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408


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