Full employment – NF Check

“The women were quiet. Blazing Knight checked her computing jobs on the net. A plastic surgeon was found. She could go any time and offer him a chance to repair her rotten parts, to reconstruct her again to a beautiful young female.”

– Blue Earth, J. M. K. Walkow


Full employment factors, naturalistic fantasy (NF) ranks:

$0.05 2016-12-08 Innovation
$0.04 2016-12-08 Education
$0.03 2016-12-08 Bank interest rates
$0.02 2016-12-08 Corporate tax
$0.02 2016-12-08 Minimum wage
$0.02 2016-12-08 Sales tax
$0.02 2016-12-08 Personal income tax
$0.02 2016-12-08 Wealth inequality
$0.02 2016-12-08 Household net worth
$0.01 2016-12-08 Automation
$0.01 2016-12-08 Globalization
$0.01 2016-12-08 Debt ratio
$0.01 2016-12-08 Stock market returns
$0.01 2016-12-08 Bond market returns
$0.01 2016-12-08 Commodity market returns
$0.01 2016-12-08 Real estate
Should government open more schools?

Is it better to charge fee for education or pay to learn?

Should corporations hire more innovation officers?


Blue Earth Sands
Full employment as of December 8, 2016
Blue Earth – The Body, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656446


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