Renaissance in Innovation, how to Vote? NF Check

“This was the step of achieving the advantage so needed in the battles, this was the weapon used in inventing a winning rule in the game and who did not want to win and who would not do all including choosing a painful and a dangerous, long road to victory. If Bruce were a clone such thoughts could burn the circuits. But he was not. He continued thinking.”

– Blazing Night, J. M. K. Walkow

Effectiveness of innovation naturalistic fantasy (NF) ranks:

$0.05 2016-11-05 Independent Innovation
$0.03 2016-11-05 Bank Controlled Innovation
$0.02 2016-11-05 Angel Investment
$0.02 2016-11-05 Government Investment
$0.01 2016-11-05 Billionaires’ Wealth

How come Leonardo da Vinci did invent so much yet the core of the funding came from his paintings?

How many Leonardos do we have today, giving we have 15 times more people than in 1500 AD, and many are well educated?

Should we start buying paintings and original works instead of corporate shares?

What about if we vote for reduction of red tape and support independent inventors, bypassing banks?

Are the independent inventors the great new thing on the market, the current renaissance in innovation?

Why not innovate instead of layoffs?

Fall Blazing Night
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