Wealth inequality – NF check

“Only round water rings dispelled and disappeared. Bubbles puffed like fire were quenched under the surface. And then it was quiet.”
– J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night, Blue Earth


Naturalistic fantasy (NF) ranks of wealth inequality in United State as of September 28, 2016:

$0.35 2016-09-28 top 1% (Wealthiest)
$0.27 2016-09-28 next 4%
$0.11 2016-09-28 next 5%
$0.12 2016-09-28 next 10%
$0.11 2016-09-28 next 20% (Upper Middle)
$0.04 2016-09-28 next 20% (Middle)
$0.00 2016-09-28 next 40% (Bottom)

Can a multi-trillion economy build free services for the majority (Middle + Bottom)?

Can a logarithmic formula be interpolated to compare inequality among nations?


Wikipedia as of September 9, 2016: Wealth inequality in the United States
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