Jumping lightweight-rope physical activity – NF check

“That goal hit Jumping Rabbits in their weak spot. Could they come back? It was unlikely, for once Frogs had the advantage, they held to it.”

— Blazing Night, J. M. K. Walkow

Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) physical activity formula sample:

costs + coordination + pleasure + meditation

$0.12 2016-07-23 Jumping lightweight-rope
$0.10 2016-07-23 Swimming
$0.09 2016-07-23 Running


Would be possible to have a wearable diagnosis systems on?

Can the activity data collection help in finding a cancer cure?

Can this help patients after chemotherapy?


Wikipedia as of July 23, 2016: Skipping rope, Chemotherapy, Diet and cancer
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Blazing Night, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408


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