Seasonal airborne allergy – NF ranking example

“Perhaps the most important is the chances of surviving the load of Mold, and the load of her knowledge on top of the Mold,” explained Giuseppe.

— Blazing Night, J. M. K. Walkow


Seasonal evaluation Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) formula example and its data:

diagnosis + date & time + location + physical activity -> personalized allergy rank

Giuseppe’s allergy profile:

10% Grasses + 9% Oak + 12% Walnut + 7% Mold Spores + 3% Dust + 9% Foodstuff

Giuseppe’s allergy rank in Sweat Home Oregon at 7 am PST:

$0.16 2016-06-03 Grasses
$0.06 2016-06-03 Oak
$0.03 2016-06-03 Walnut
$0.02 2016-06-03 Mold Spores




Would be possible to have allergy wearable diagnosis, sensors and evaluation systems on?

Can the allergy big data collection help in finding the cure?

Can the allergy evaluation help teachers to plan and personalize activities in our schools?


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