Cancer Prevention Factors – NF ranking February 23, 2016

“Eventually they solved a problem by inventing the Purple Rule which when connected produced antibodies capable of an instant cure.”

–Blazing Night


This is a Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranking of key cancer prevention factors as of February 23, 2016:

$0.04 2016-02-23 Physical Activity
$0.00 2016-02-23 Obesity
$0.00 2016-02-23 Diabetes
$0.00 2016-02-23 Vitamin and dietary supplements
($0.01) 2016-02-23 Diet
($0.01) 2016-02-23 Radiation
($0.01) 2016-02-23 Immunosuppressive Medicines
($0.01) 2016-02-23 Environmental Risk Factors
($0.02) 2016-02-23 Cigarette Smoking and Tobacco Use
($0.02) 2016-02-23 Alcohol
($0.02) 2016-02-23 Infections


Can physical activity compensate cancer risk?

Can swimming combined with great art and music prevent or cure cancer?



Date last modified January 22, 2016. Available at: Accessed February 23, 2016.
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