Blazing Calculus

“There were several important math rules that survived for more than a million days.”
– Blazing Night

+ addition, 0 = x – x
* multiplication, 1 = x * 1/x
o composition, x = x(x)
S integration, D differentiation, x = D(Sx)
^n exponentiation, nth root, x = (x^n)^1/n
n^ exponentiation, logarithm , x = logn(n^x)
sin sinus, arcsin, x = arcsin(sin(x))

Iona Yellow Meadow and Beach

Blazing Trigonometry, Blazing Mathemathics
Wikipedia as of January 28th, 2016: Calculus, Logarithm, Natural logarithm, Exponentiation, Integral, Differentiation of trigonometric functions, Notation for differentiation, Mathematical constant, Differentiation rules, Complex logarithm
Blazing Scribbles, ISBN 9780986656460
Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408


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