Three Fine Charities, Vancouver December 14, 2015

“In a few years the firm effort of Blazing Night combined with her tedious works on the net was changing the world. She had designed and established the biggest ever, the multi-trillion charitable company: Panhandlers Inc.”

― J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night


Affordable Housing for Seniors – Columbus Charities Association: our goal is to provide conveniently located, affordable, multi-cultural and home-like seniors’ housing at each of our residences allowing all residents to live with respect and dignity in a supportive setting, regardless of age, race, religion or status.

Affordable Housing for Seniors



“…have a responsibility to help the world’s poor and disadvantaged…”

Development and Peace


Christ in the Temple

The Cathedral is greatly indebted to her special benefactors and visitors since it does not have the predictable income of a regular parish. Friends of the Cathedral support the Cathedral and her Mission, especially to maintain the special demands of a heritage building and continue its historic organ-music program.

Friends of the Cathedral



Thank you to the publishing body of “Blazing Night” for the permissions to use the copyrighted materials:

Blazing Night ISBN 9780986656415


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