Jobs in 2016: rebuild and test – a qoute from Blazing Night

(with the written permission from the publisher of Blazing Night)

Meantime the shop’s engineers decided not to trash Yellow Car but to rebuild its body and to install new monitors and modern sensors. They promised to finish work within a few hours. Detailed analysis of engines and of central systems revealed very interesting information, which would be lost if the car were to be destroyed. Piece by piece flew up in the air and made several circles high above the repair shop then they merged and landed ready and fixed. Technicians applied the Yellow Rule three times: firstly, to fix old parts and to assemble it, secondly, to create new monitors and sensors, and thirdly, to tune the fixed old unit with the brand-new parts. They beautifully recreated its entire yellow body and renovated its enhanced interior. After this hard work the project director ran million tests and verification procedures including phonetics and rhetorical quizzes. Technicians documented new acceleration, speed and temperature parameters and limitations. They wrote a recommendation guide following the best practices. Finally its weapon systems underwent sophisticated calibrations. This is how it became the finest artillery and rocketry available on the free market. All guns big and small shot more precisely and more quickly. Every rocket started faster and targeted better. If this was not enough for quality, entire sensor and monitoring systems functioned with substantially increased precision and when moving with the speed of two million knots could detect a fly from a distance of ten million miles. By twenty million knots, the car could detect a fly two million miles away.
After all that work was done, Yellow Car drove across Mediation Coast searching its owners. Finally, the players spotted it and waved. It slowly arrived and stopped in front of them as though it was smiling.
“How are you doing?” asked Yellow Car.
“We’re fine,” replied Adelaide.
“Let’s go for a ride!” shouted Frank.
Joe drove deliberately around the town and back to Welcome Bunker. It was a pleasure to hear again the engines’ power and to touch new controllers and monitors. Everybody laughed and joked. They did not touch the new equipment yet but gently observed how it worked. Then Joe parked beside Welcome Bunker.
“Good night Yellow Car,” they all said and went to their rooms.
Each player felt happier and more assured. Something warmed their hearts and made them smile before falling asleep: their car was parked nearby. A golden and yellow flame was also sneaking along beside the lobby but Yellow Car did not detect it. It was Blazing Night checking.


Thank you to the publishing body of “Blazing Night” for the permissions to use the copyrighted materials:

Blazing Night J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-1-5, 2012
Blazing Night J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-0-8, 2010



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