Classical Logic – Square of Opposition – an Aristotelian AI?

“A Nonstandard Graph, Elements and Operations, a Card Game Dialect A combination of the Mold dialects and Sandwich graphs, backed by axiomatic math, creates a unique space of science and fantasy.”

– J.M.K. Walkow, Naturalistic Fantasy

The Four Aristotelian Propositions and Square of Opposition

S-P=0              S-P=S

S-P<S              S-P>0

– weak minus
= equal
> weak ordering
0 empty
S any
P any

Blue Earth Islands
SaP All S is P
SeP No S is P
SiP Some S is P
SoP Some S is not P

images square

Universal affirmative A
Universal negative E
Particular affirmative I
Particular negative O

Happy Portal Cove

Barbara (AAA)
All men are mortal. (MaP)
All Greeks are men. (SaM)
All Greeks are mortal. (SaP)

M-P=0 and S-M=0 then S-P=0

Celarent (EAE)
Similar: Cesare (EAE)

No reptiles have fur. (MeP)
All snakes are reptiles. (SaM)
No snakes have fur. (SeP)

M-P=M and S-M=0 then S-P=S

Can Mold handle more complex cases, using inherited characteristics like FLIPPING and SWAPPING?

Portal Cove Root

Can artificial intelligence be designed in Mold, creating an Aristotelian Logician?

Thank you to the publishing body of “Blazing Night”, “Naturalistic Fantasy” and “Blue Earth” for the permissions to use the copyrighted materials:

Blue Earth: The Body J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-4-6, 2015
Naturalistic Fantasy J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-2-2, 2013
Blazing Night J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-1-5, 2012
Blazing Night J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-0-8, 2010

Wikipedia Pages as of October 25, 2015:

Square of Opposition
Venn diagram
Logical conjunction

Thomas Aquinas Study Circle October 24, 2015:

Dr. C.S. Morrissey, Trinity Western University: Maritain on Logic
How ought we to embrace the traditional approach found in Maritain’s study of logic?

Dr. David Klassen, Saint Mark’s, Corpus Christi Colleges: Maritain’s Integral Humanism and Contemporary Politics
Might Maritain’s vision of an integral humanism, open to the Absolute and Divine, be realized in today’s political culture?


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